MijnDeugden stand van zaken.

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Virtues for the 21th century: moral competences and moral development using ubiquitous learning

Goal: Open any newspaper and you’ll see that society can use more virtuous behavior. However, virtues are often considered ‘old fashioned’ and people do not relate them to their (working)life. Therefore, the project MijnDeugden.nl (Dutch for MyVirtues.nl) is started in 2014. The goal of this project is to refresh the classic wisdom of virtues and make them fit for our 21th century. The project builds on the well known assumption that virtues can be developed or enhanced by continued practice and have to be applied in daily life. Virtues are defined as moral competences. To stimulate moral development, the project builds upon ubiquitous learning principles. A self-development online portal will be created, that helps individuals to reflect on their own virtuous behaviour.