BiNT bestond tussen 2001-2006 en was een electronische pop band. In 2001 — years after A Modest Proposal —  Nicolet Theunissen and

Bert van de Grift decided to make music together again. Later on, they were joined by Ton van Dort and Albert van Kervel. Until 2002 they jammed and improvised, which resulted in enough song inspiration for years to come. In the next phase, when songs were build from this material, Albert left the band and Jaap van Westen joined. Unfortunately, Bert died 01-02-2005. About a year later the band decided to split. Nevertheless, great music was created and can still be enjoyed.

Do you have a need for alternative popsongs you want to sit down for?
Craving for tones and emotions?
Then, connect your MAC or PC to your magnificient stereo or connect a headphone,
and listen to some weird music on BiNT’s interactive webplace.
Most of BiNT’s music is from A to Z and could be listened to on BiNT demo. 
Other tracks are placed in the Unfinished Aerial Sculptures (UAS) and Unfinished Root Notes (URN). The UAS and URN changed from time to time, to show new work in progress.

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BiNT music made by…

  • Nicolet Theunissen vocals, keys&knobs, mix, lyrics, arrangements, production, website design&management.
  • Ton van Dort percussion, effects, mix, lyrics, arrangements, production, photography.
  • Bert van de Grift († 01-02-2005) laptop-programming, keys &knobs.
  • Jaap van Westen fretted and fretless bass.
  • Albert van Kervel (contributed to Soft white bits and Fortune teller) bass.