A Modest Proposal (NL)

[NOG VERTALEN]  A Modest Proposal (AMP) existed between 1983-1993 and was a New wave, electronic, alternative pop band.

Bert van de Grift, Ton Coolen, Ludwig Adriaansen and Nicolet Theunissen, made a LP (‘A Modest Proposal’ – RBD 0100) in 1986. Later, Ludwig left the band and the remaining AMP members made a CD (‘Contrast’ – ANWO/BAR 999) in 1991. They played amongst others with Steven Brown, Neppy Noya and Marco Bakker. Although ‘famous in Utrecht, The Netherlands’, the big breakthrough never happened.

LP (‘A Modest Proposal’ – RBD 0100) – 1986

A Modest Proposal are: Ludwig Adriaansen: keyboards;Ton Coolen: guitar & Chapman stick, Nicolet Theunissen: vocals: Bert van de Grift: keyboards & percussion.

All songs on this LP created by A Modest Proposal(Except ‘Hamna’: Lyrics by Niek Hoorweg & AMP). Produced by Lasika Panyigay, Rutger van Straaten & AMP. Recorded at ‘T Zwembad/Nagual Amsterdam by Eduard Lampe & Pim Oostdijk. Mixed at the ‘Tempel Nijmegen. Cover Painting: Ed Bark, Lay-out & Logo: Marc. Photo’s Jeanine Theunissen.

Thanks to: Bernard, Edwin, Felix, Frank, Henk-Jan, Ingrid, Peter, tante Toos & and all others who showed confidence. Special thanks to: Mrs. J. van de Grift, STOA: Raadgevend buro voor de kunsten, Andreas Arti BV. Copyrights Rosebud Records, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

CD (‘Contrast’ – ANWO/BAR 999) – 1991

The CD (which is still available) is written, arranged, engineered, produced & performed by A Modest Proposal. A Modest Proposal are: Nicolet Theunissen: vocals, Various Little Instruments (VLI), recorder; Ton Coolen: guitar, Chapman stick, violin; Bert van de Grift: things with knobs & buttons, VLI, grand piano.
They were assisted by: Steven Brown: sax on “Tango”, clarinet & vocals on “Miccacuicatl”; Tjitse Vogel: double bass on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Michael Baird: drums on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Paul Weiling: sax on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Ludwig Adriaansen: organ on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Roland Spekle: VLI on “Sub”, “Klungg”, “Winds” & “Gull”; Allert Aalders: engineered & produced “Couleur Locale (live)”; Martijn Voorvelt: co-arranged “Leaves” & “Ponder on Me”.
All music recorded june/july 1991 at “The Plan”, Utrecht & Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht.


Thanks to: Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Academiegebouw RUU, Havic (Steven, Peter & Ernst), Saskia Rolsma, Bert & Marijke Theunissen, Karin Schussler, Ed, Nancy van de Grift-Sosef, Peter Knijnenburg, Stefan Rutten, Conductor: Arjen Bos, Members of USC & Utrechts Blazers Ensemble. Formgiving: The Neville Broddies.