Oeps! vond nog een doos met LP’s

Just when I thought this LP revival episode was over, I found another box of LPs in my home. So, I had no other choice than to re-open the LP shop again. If you’re still interested, send me an email and I send you a paypall invoice. For more information, see the LP pages

Why (Song)

Why: Sensual vocals with a bite Music & Lyrics: Catharina 2.0 Why are you blushing when I’m near to you. Why are you shivering when I touch your arm. It’s only your arm… And why don’t you sit and watch and wait for what I have to say. Don’t walk away. I don’t intend to […]

Na de LP gekte..

In the future I will place rare recordings of AMP rehearsals, gigs, radio interviews and anecdotes on the website (RSS). Perhaps people like that. Maybe they even listen to the CDs mp3 and find out that if they like the LPs ‘Ite Missa Est’, they probably like ‘Tarmac’ from the CD or ‘Fortune teller’ from […]

LP’s found their destiny

I thank Goutroy, Curious Guy and others for their blog messages about the A Modest Proposal LP. One of the reply’s on Goutroy’s blog suggested to buy all and sell them on ebay. Of cause I was afraid for that kind of reactions when I took the risk to ask a ‘modest’ price. But I’m […]

It’s raining request for LPs

Suddenly this evening people started ordering LPs as if they are for free! Okay, now I have a serious box problem because LP sending boxes are of course not for sale anymore. It’s a pity that they didn’t order the CD instead. That would have been less of a logistic challenge. It appears that there […]

Meer verrassingen

Yet another blog that discusses the LP of A Modest Proposal at Phoenix Hairpins “Thanks to Capa Nostra Syndicate for letting me post this record that I wanted to hear for a long time. Never heard it before but I was intrigued because it’s on the Rosebud label of Mekanik Kommando after they were dropped […]

LP suddenly wanted!

I was very surprised to find a blog entry mentioning that the A Modest Proposal LP is still wanted: see uitdragerij.nl Someone offered the LP on ebay for 218 us dollar! Of course we will never know if this was a realistic price. I feel tempted to raise the price of the LP. However, it […]

I sold my soul to you (song)

A song from the project ‘BiNT‘ With Ton van Dort (percussion), Jaap van Westen (bass), Bert van de Grift (synth-insects). Once in a lifetime you might take this step. Beyond your own dreams, a total surrender. A choice that may frighten you. The beauty of it is sealed in silence. Music: BiNT, Lyrics: Nicolet Theunissen […]

Opzeggen Buma/Stemra

Buma Stemra Postbus 3080 2130 KB Hoofddorp Utrecht, 5 april 2004 Geachte Mevrouw, Meneer, bij deze wil ik mijn lidmaatschap bij Buma/Stemra opzeggen per direct (dat is neem ik aan per 1 januari 2005?). Belangrijkste reden is dat ik mijn muziek gratis wil weggeven/laten horen en het zou te gek voor woorden zijn als ik […]

Zangers M/V gezocht voor mini-optreden van BiNT

Beste BiNT exclusievert, we hebben het genoegen je uit te nodigen voor een ‘tussen de schuifdeuren’ mini-optreden van BiNT. En….. als extra bonus ben je uitgenodigd voor het bijbehorende feest van Nicolet! Het repertoir: ‘Fortune teller’ (zie BiNT demo en nu ook op BiNT exclusief) en ‘Trow a spark’ , wat eerder bekend was als […]